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News - Here you will find Australia-Japan related news!
  • 31 Oct 2019 4:00 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    4 pm on Thursday 31 October at the Japanese Studies Centre, next to the bus-loop, Monash University, Clayton.

    Speakers: Dimity Hawkins (AM) and Associate Professor Beatrice Trefalt

    On 9th August 1945, the US dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Of the dead, approximately 8500 were Catholic Christians, representing over sixty percent of the community. In this collective biography, nine Catholic survivors share personal and compelling stories about the aftermath of the bomb and their lives since that day.

    Dangerous Memory in Nagasaki presents the voices of Catholics, many of whom have not spoken of their losses within the framework of their faith before. As such, it will be invaluable to students and scholars of Japanese history, religion and war history.

    Foreword: an exerpt by Yuki Miyamoto (St Paul's University, Chicago): 'As McClelland, drawing upon Johann Baptist Metz’s concept of a dangerous memory, demonstrates in this monograph, such voices are worth studying, precisely because their memories make an opening into the continuity of history, driving a wedge into the monolithic architecture of a discourse. Only out of such disjuncture, can a change for the future emerge...'

    Edition 1st Edition, First Published 2020, eBook Published 23 September 2019
    Pub. Location London, Imprint Routledge
    Series: Asia’s Transformations #55, Series Editor: Mark Selden  Click HERE for registration 

  • 27 Oct 2019 10:45 AM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    Date and Time: Sun, October 27, 2019 10:45 am – 4:45 pm

    Venue: Collingwood Town Hall 140 Hoddle Street Abbotsford, VIC 3067

    Theme of festival is to promote and encourage the participation of the audience to enrich the culture exchange experience. Proposed event will include culture workshops, family friendly activities, an art market showcasing Japanese theme products, stage performances (Cultural Dance, Japanese Music, Singing in collingwood town hall, next door to Senior Citizen Centre) and Japanese food market.

  • 16 Oct 2019 8:00 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    The contrarians that make up Japanese trio Kukangendai never met a musical convention they couldn't break. Wielding the humble rock fundamentals of guitar, bass and drums, they tear apart the very basics of music to create something shocking yet compulsive, crazy-making but true.

    Date and Time: Wed 16 - Fri 18 October 8 pm -

    Venue: The SUBSTATION , 1 Market St, Newport VIC 3015  

    For more information, please click HERE

  • 14 Oct 2019 10:00 AM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    Date and Time: Mon 14 October 2019 10:00am - 11:30am

    Venue: Bowen Street Community Centre

    102 Bowen Street Camberwell VIC 3124

    The Japan Tea Goodwill Ambassador in Australia will share Japanese tea traditions and run an interactive tea workshop with accompanying sweet and savoury snacks.

    For more information or to book, contact Mary Liston on 9889 0791 or at info@bowenstreet.org.au.

  • 13 Oct 2019 11:00 AM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    Date and Time: Sunday 13 October 11 am- 2 pm

    Venue: Banksia Park off Templestowe Rd, Bulleen next to Heide Museum

    Enjoy Hanami - cherry blossom viewing!

  • 12 Oct 2019 10:00 AM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    MinnieSweets is all about bringing the joy of authentic Japanese confectionery (wagashi) to Melbourne! Almost too pretty to eat, come on a sweet journey with MinnieSweets to an often overlooked but wonderful part of Japanese cuisine. All of their products are vegan and gluten free.

    You can find MinnieSweets shop at the following markets;

    Date and Time: Saturday 12 October

    Venue: Heide Market in Bulleen http://www.heidemarket.com/

    Date and Time: Sunday 27 October

    Venue: Japan Culture and Art Festival in Collingwood https://jcafmel.wixsite.com/festival

    If you don’t want to miss out, make sure to visit MinnieSweets early as their beautiful handmade wagashi are likely to be sold out quickly! 

  • 12 Oct 2019 10:00 AM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

  • 05 Oct 2019 9:00 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    Date and Time: Saturday 5 October  9 pm - 1 am 

    VenueEydies Bar, 86 Lygon Street, East Brunswick


  • 01 Oct 2019 5:00 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    Date and Time: Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 5 PM – 10 PM

    Venue: Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne


    Sponsored by Sakemate and Sawahime.

    Join us for a selection of hand picked sake delights on World Sake Day.

    $20 for four unique Japanese tapas (vegan and vegetarian options available) plus sake flowing on tap!

    This event coincides with our hugely popular Massage and Dumplings night, so why not book yourself a 10-minute head and shoulder massage too?

  • 25 Sep 2019 6:45 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    Date and Time: Wed., 25 September 2019 6:45 pm – 9:00 pm

    Venue: The National Hotel, 344 Victoria Street Richmond, VIC 3121

    Let us guide you through the self-discovery journey of embracing the blank paper, pretty much like a hiker would go about climbing Mt. Fuji. You can pick your pace and stop whenever you feel like it to appreciate how far you’ve come. And once you’ve reached the summit, you’ll be so proud of your accomplishment!

    Come join us in this watercolour painting session and immortalise your version of the mystical vibe that surrounds the Fuji Mountain. Add a cherry blossom frame in style and your name in Japanese (optional)  

    In this two hour class, you’ll learn about the nature of watercolour paints, and acquire the skills to whip up an A4 watercolour masterpiece of your very own, which you’ll get to frame before going home.

    Go to the booking link

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