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  • 01 Sep 2010 12:37 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)
    The 22nd APCC was held in Fukuoka in July 2010.  The 2 Chaperones accompanied the six selected children: Ben, Issey, Josh, Tanisha, Gracie and Carrie.

    This year the program ran a little differently, and after a night at the Marine House the JA’s went straight to their Host Families house. Half way through the program, all participants went to Nokonoshima Island for the Exchange Camp. Here the children had the opportunity to mix with nearly 350 children from all around the Asia Pacific region.  This year, the children were involved in a number of activities including an umbrella art project, sumo dancing, fireworks finale, a balloon release and a performance event in Fukuoka Government Square.

    Chrissie participated as a Peace Ambassadors and attended the Peace Ambassador Camp, in which Erin, a past Australian PA, helped run workshops and discussions relating to the future of Bridge Club and possible activities/opportunities that members can be involved in. 

    A fun time was had by all involved and we all plan to stay in contact with our new found friends from around the world.
  • 24 Aug 2010 7:37 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)
    Hello Everyone,

    It would be great to see you all at the annual Australia Japan Society of Victoria Hanami Picnic to be held on Sunday, September 19 at 11am at the National Rhodadendron Gardens, The Georgian Road, Olinda (Melway Ref. 66 K4)

    There is already a group of people who have RSVP'ed so come and join us!!

    Hanami is the custom of viewing the beauty of flowers, but it mostly refers to the Sakura or Cherry blossom Japan’s official national flower.
    Every Spring in modern Japan, crowds of people sit under the blooming cherry blossoms, usually on plastic tarps, and have a picnic celebration.
    Come and enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossoms in the National Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda, along with the myriad of other plants.
    Enjoy a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony a gold coin donation, as well as some stunning  Ikebana demonstrations. Bridge Club Australia will also be running some Japanese games for you all to enjoy!

    Bring your picnic basket and rug/seat, and we can join together and celebrate spring under the cherry-blossom trees. For some extra entertainment, bring along a kite and take advantage of the perfect kite-flying conditions in the cherry tree grove.

    Cost: free entry this year

    It's always a great day and a lot of fun - would be great to have you there!

    Kindest regards,
    Bridge Club Australia
  • 11 Jul 2010 9:12 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)
    Hi Everyone,
    I just wanted to share with you all an email I received from Mariah, a 13 year old past Australian Junior Ambassador, that I took to Japan.
    Mariah, by herself, has set up an appeal to raise money for the victims of Haiti. She has organised cake stalls at school, a BBQ at Bunnings, a T-shirt fund-raiser and so far has raised over $1000. I'm so proud of her!
    This is why I put so many hours into this program!
    To everyone that has  supported me in everything I do, THANK YOU!!


    Hi Erin!
    Sorry for the delay, but there has been a lot of coordinating going on between our last email and now. School says they will be able to back the BBQ, so you guys no longer have to worry about that. :)
    We have already raised $1000 at school, through a cake stall, which was a good start!
    I am also setting up an account to put all of the money into, so that will be open for donations really soon. I will send you the t-shirt order form soon too (if that's okay?), so if anybody at the AJS or BC was interested
     in getting a t-shirt, can you please forward it to them?
    I'd also just like to thank you and Janet for the APCC, because it was truly an amazing opportunity and has inspired me to make a difference in the world. I also now have pen pals from Russia, Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Atlanta, Hong Kong, Nepal, Vietnam, Japan and China. It really did change my life. I am at the moment in the process of application for a year long exchange with the Rotary Club, which will take place in 2012. None of this would've happened without the trip to Japan.
     Thank you so much for the experience, and keep up the good work! :)
  • 25 May 2010 11:41 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)
    BCA had a meeting on 16 May 2010 and 2 of the JA's from 1990 APCC were there,  and we looked back at some old photos. We thought we might share  these with you :)

  • 31 Mar 2010 1:58 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    In late March, the Australia Japan Society of Victoria welcomed 18 participants to Melbourne as part of the Asian Pacific Children’s Convention Mission Project (a visit connected with the Invitation Project where Australian children visit Fukuoka each July).

    The aim of the visit was to allow children from Fukuoka to be given an opportunity to go overseas and deepen their cultural understanding through participating in a program of home stay, school visits and cultural activities with local children.  I know that the visit was a complete success with many opportunities to participate in family life and meet new friends. 

    The group was made up of 15 young people (aged 10 to 18) and 3 leaders.  Whilst the leaders stayed in a city hotel, all the young people were hosted by AJS members, past participants of the APCC or school families connected with AJS members.  Whilst the visit short (four nights in home stay), the participants managed to fit in many varied activities, including a school visit, visits to Healesville Sanctuary and the Victoria Markets, beach trips, shopping, bush picnics, sporting events and a visit to the Japan Consulate. 

    A farewell party was held on the last evening of the visit and the host families were entertained by the group who sang traditional Japanese songs and showed us a traditional dance witch some of our host families knew so they joined in..  At the end of the evening, the participants left with the host families and met at the airport the next day to say goodbye see you again one day.

  • 20 Mar 2010 1:41 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    In March 2010 the 2009 JA’s got together at Jemmas (a 2009 JA) house for a BBQ and Pool Party Reunion.

    It was great to get together and talk about the fun times we had in Japan and to also talk about the friends we made while we were there.

    A great time was had by everyone that attended.

    Thanks to Jemmas family for hosting this event – Lets hope it is the first of many.

  • 28 Feb 2010 1:31 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    This year the BCIO's common activity was to run a photo competition and exhibition to share our culture and our APCC experience with people around the world.

    The winning Australian photos were selected by Jonothan Masom form the AJS and have been sent to Hawaii where they will be board mounted and then travel the world on a travelling photo exhibition.

    The Australian winners were;

    • a.       Country’s culture
    • Title of the photo: Rye back beach VIC 2008  
    • Name of the artist: Elly Westwood
    • Age: 11 (JA 2009)
    • Country: Australia
    • b.      Nature
    • Title of the photo:  Pelican
    • Name of the artist: Brayden Longley      
    • Age: 12 (JA 2008)
    • Country: Australia
    • c.       APCC experience
    • Title of the photo:  We are the bridge
    • Name of the artist: Erin Maitland
    • Age: 30 (JA 1990, PA 2007, Special PA 2008) 
    • Country: Australia

    From the 18th of Jan to 6th Feb 2010, the Toorak Library hosted the Exhibition.

    Special Thanks goes to, Lindsay Mackay, the 2009 Australia PA, who worked tirelessly to organise this exhibition.

  • 23 Jan 2010 1:10 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    The Junior Ambassador (JA) selection process started late last year in the hope to find six eager eleven year olds to represent Australia at the 2010 APCC. After submitting applications through their school Japanese teachers, a fun day was organised to observe how the children interacted with similar aged peers. After close observation twenty children were selected and later invited to be interviewed. After the interview between the child and representatives from both the APCC liaison office in Australia (The Australia Japan Society of Victoria) and the Bridge Club, an announcement was made as to who was selected to attend the 2010 APCC

    The lucky 6 children have been selected and now the preparation begins.

    Three meetings are planned to be held over the next six months. Firstly there will be an information session to allow both the JA’s and their parents to learn more about the APCC and the Bridge Club. The second meeting will be a sleepover meeting where the children will spend the night together and bond as a group, while learning more about their responsibilities as a JA and what to expect on their visit to Japan. During this meeting there will also be time to put together a performance to do at the Bridge Club Festival while in Japan. The third and final meeting will be held to collect any final information, practice the prepared performance and swap collected souvenirs so each child had a box full of things to give out to their new friends at the convention.

  • 26 Sep 2009 12:05 PM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    In 2009 Bridge Club Nepal established a new library for children at the Seti Devi School in Pharping, Nepal. Bridge Club Australia sent a package of books and materials to help establish this library. The books were all related to educating the children about Australia and opening their eyes to the world.

    635 books in total were donated to the Library and continuous support is necessary to continue the growth of this library and support the children with their learning.

    If anyone would like to send additional books, please contact Bridge Club Australia President, Erin Maitland, at erinka79@yahoo.com.au for further details.

  • 21 Sep 2009 10:29 AM | Office Administrator (Administrator)

    Following our yearly tradition, members and friends of the Australia-Japan Society and Bridge Club Australia gathered in the beautiful Rhododendron Garden in Olinda on Saturday 20 September to enjoy traditional Japanese-style cherry blossom viewing (Hanami).

    Just like in Japan, we enjoyed a picnic while viewing the beauty of pink and white cherry blossom trees.  We were also joined by the happy bright daffodils that had come into bloom throughout the gardens.

    Bridge Club Australia organised Japanese games for the young and young-at-heart, including the Japanese summer game of suika-wari (a bit like a watermelon piñata).  This involved blind-folded competitors being guided by their team-mates to crack open a watermelon. 

    As some visiting Japanese students pointed out, the Australian watermelons were much larger than Japanese watermelons.  As a result, they took much longer to be defeated than the Japanese variety.  Everyone took quite a few turns to attack the melons and when the winners were finally declared, the melons were in a less than appetising state. 

    Luckily we had some spare watermelons to enjoy after the game and to share with our Japanese friends.

    Families and friends could also have their names written in Japanese calligraphy, have a go at Ikebana flower arranging and view a traditional Tea Ceremony.  Some Bridge Club members tested out the kites they had created at the 2009 Reunion at the Osaka festival and there were also quite a few frisbees being thrown about.

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