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2009 Common Project – Visions Of Harmony

28 Feb 2010 1:31 PM | Contact Us (Administrator)

This year the BCIO's common activity was to run a photo competition and exhibition to share our culture and our APCC experience with people around the world.

The winning Australian photos were selected by Jonothan Masom form the AJS and have been sent to Hawaii where they will be board mounted and then travel the world on a travelling photo exhibition.

The Australian winners were;

  • a.       Country’s culture
  • Title of the photo: Rye back beach VIC 2008  
  • Name of the artist: Elly Westwood
  • Age: 11 (JA 2009)
  • Country: Australia
  • b.      Nature
  • Title of the photo:  Pelican
  • Name of the artist: Brayden Longley      
  • Age: 12 (JA 2008)
  • Country: Australia
  • c.       APCC experience
  • Title of the photo:  We are the bridge
  • Name of the artist: Erin Maitland
  • Age: 30 (JA 1990, PA 2007, Special PA 2008) 
  • Country: Australia

From the 18th of Jan to 6th Feb 2010, the Toorak Library hosted the Exhibition.

Special Thanks goes to, Lindsay Mackay, the 2009 Australia PA, who worked tirelessly to organise this exhibition.

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