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2008 JA's get ready for the APCC

24 Jun 2008 11:00 AM | Deleted user

The Junior Ambassador (JA) selection process started late last year in the hope to find eight eager eleven year olds to represent Australia at the 2008 APCC. After submitting applications through their school Japanese teachers, a fun day was organised to observe how the children interacted with similar aged peers. After close observation twenty children were selected and later invited to be interviewed. After the interview between the child and representatives from both the APCC liaison office in Australia (The Australia Japan Society of Victoria) and the Bridge Club, an announcement was made as to who was selected to attend the 2008 APCC.

Three meetings were then held over six months. Firstly there was an information session to allow both the JA’s and their parents to learn more about the APCC and the Bridge Club. The second meeting was a sleepover meeting where the children spent the night together and bonded as a group, while learning more about their responsibilities as a JA and what to expect on their visit to Japan. During this meeting there was also time to put together a performance to do at the Bridge Club Festival while in Japan. The third and final meeting was held to collect any final information, practice the prepared performance and swap collected souvenirs so each child had a box full of things to give out to their new friends at the convention.

The next time we meet will be bright and early at the Melbourne Airport where we will say goodbye to our families and head into the sky on the way to the 2008 APCC.

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