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Since the first Asian Pacific Children’s Convention in 1989, children from nearly 50 countries of the Asian Pacific region have gathered in Fukuoka, Japan to attend the Asian Pacific Children’s Convention. This Convention provides a channel for children to make international friends and discuss issues associated with world peace and coexistence.

On the10th anniversary of the Asian Pacific Children’s Convention, the Executive Committee decided to cement the relationship between countries involved and to strengthen ties between all ages in the Asian Pacific countries, by establishing an international friendship society called The Bridge Club.

The APCC administration knew that to make this world a better place and they should focus on the leaders of our future, our children. It is our children who can make the world of our future a peaceful one, and by having a club such as this they can join together to promote peace and coexistence throughout the world.

Bridge Club Australia was established on the 1 January 2000 by Australia Peace Ambassadors who were selected to attend the Asian Pacific Children’s Convention. Every former Asian Pacific Children’s Convention Chaperone, Junior Ambassador, Peace Ambassador and their families and friends are offered to join, as the club supports all involved and also acts as alumni organisation.

Bridge Club Australia is now facilitated by volunteer members of the Australia Japan Society of Victoria who have attended past Asian Pacific Children’s Conventions. The Australia-Japan Society Provides the support and financial assistance the club needs to run successfully.

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