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The APCC was created as one of the commemorative events of the 1989 Asian-Pacific Exposition to celebrate the 100th year since the founding of Fukuoka City. It is a civic movement funded by local governments as well as donations from corporate sponsors and the Supporters’ Association.

By holding this Children’s Convention, the APCC hopes to foster “Global Citizens” who are able to think of others beyond various differences with OMOIYARI spirit, while encouraging the desire for world peace. The vision is for each and every one of the participants to become “global citizens of an 'OMOIYARI' (compassionate) spirit, creating a more peaceful world abounds with the smiles of our children” and has the theme: “We are the BRIDGE: We connect dreams around the world.”

The vision embraces the idea of modern cultural interaction, through the creation of a place where children can experience first-hand our differences and similarities, fostering friendships and peace between participating countries and regions of the Asia-Pacific. It is their hope that children who participate in this exchange program will make long-lasting, “OMOIYARI” friendships with their fellow peers coming from various cultures and backgrounds.

Over the past 29 years, the APCC has hosted over 10,790 Junior Ambassadors with 6900 host families in Fukuoka and 3000 children and youth from Fukuoka have participated in the APCC Mission Project in partnering countries/regions. All of these activities have helped to develop everyone involved to become global citizens with the ‘OMOIYARI’ spirit.

To help realize the vision, APCC understands the importance of developing long-term activities from this exchange program; for instance, the enhancement of our “Fostering Program” to deepen our children’s desire to learn more about cultural exchange through youth activities, and the “BRIDGE Project”, giving past participants further opportunities to put their experiences to use toward creating a more peaceful world.

The three objectives of the APCC are:

  • to generate appreciation for a variety of cultures through exchanges between children from all over the Asia-Pacific region.
  • to promote mutual understanding throughout the Asia-Pacific region.
  • to raise young people with a global perspective who will work to increase international awareness in their local community.

To achieve these objectives, the APCC has three main projects:

Mission Project: to send Japanese children overseas and deepen their intercultural understanding through participating in a program of Homestay, school visits and real-life experiences in another country.

Invitation Project which invites Junior Ambassadors (JA’s) from the Asian-Pacific countries/ regions and deepens their international understanding through intercultural exchange programs such as Homestay, School Visits and Exchange Camps in Fukuoka, Japan

BRIDGE Project: to nurture future leaders who will actively join in the activities in the BRIDGE CLUB (BC) (alumni association) whose members are former participants and are invited to Fukuoka as Peace Ambassadors (PA’s). They will hold meetings with the BC members from other countries.

The children selected by the Australia Japan Society of Victoria participate in the Invitation Project and whilst in Japan will have the opportunity to take part in a 12 day (approx.) experience with other children from invited countries, experiencing family life though home stay and school visits and introduce traditions from their home country to other participants and the people of Fukuoka through taking part in an exchange camp and a performance event in Fukuoka City. It is hoped that by taking part in these activities, the children will build up a network of mutual understanding as they meet and make friends with children who look and speak differently to themselves. The project is also a chance for the citizens of Fukuoka and the surrounding areas to learn about other cultures first hand as they take part in the activities as a volunteer or as part of a Host Family.


China                           Korea                           Bangladesh                Singapore                   Thailand                      Vietnam

Philippines                 Indonesia                     Sri Lanka                     Laos                             Bhutan                         Fiji

Micronesia                 Cambodia                    Nepal                           Maldives                      Kiribati                         Vanuatu

Palau                           Tonga                           Papua New Guinea    Dalian                          Russia                         Myanmar

New Caledonia          Tuvalu                          India                              Mongolia                     Pakistan                      Australia

Hawaii                         New Zealand              Hong Kong                   Taiwan                         Malaysia                     Tahiti

Malaysia                     Cook Islands               Jiangsu Provence*       Ipoh*                           Guangzhou*              Atlanta USA*

Oakland USA*            Busan*                       Bordeaux (France)*      Republic of Peru*

*Special Invitation as Sister/Friendship City of Fukuoka

You can read more information about the program at the APCC website (www.apcc.gr.jp) or even check out wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian_Pacific_Children's_Convention.

Check out the Bridge Club Australia pages on the Australia Japan Society of Victoria website: http://australiajapansocietyofvictoria1.camp7.org/bridge_club or find them on Facebook or Instagram!

As part of the 25th APCC, the organization recognized the need to continue to develop its programs and has adopted the following strategic focus:

The Asian Pacific Children’s Convention nurtures youth as APCC Global Bridge Leaders who link our world and act as change agents in today’s global community.

Participation in APCC is not just a single experience, there is an expectation that children will remain involved in the program being run in Japan as well as by Australia’s Bridge Club and aim to become an APCC Global Bridge Leader:

  • contributing to a better society with an understanding of the local and global issues;
  • find solutions to complex issues through open dialogue, sharing individual opinions
  • support and involve one another, respecting different opinions and diversity with ‘OMOIYARI’ spirit

They are looking for children who display the 3 core qualities of APCC Global Bridge Leaders – CARe – Communication, Action and Respect and to this end, we will be looking for such children during our selection of the 2018 Junior Ambassadors.

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