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  • 09 Nov 2020 11:00 AM | Contact Us (Administrator)


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    AJSV News

    What's On

    1. Virtual Sakura Picnic this Sunday!
    2. Yudai Baba has joined Melbourne United
    3. Sumi-e Painting-Live Streaming Workshop
    4. Japanese Film Online Festival
    5. Speak Japanese Through Rakugo Workshop
    Extra Articles
      • Lift up your spirit: Buddha's saying #8
      • Thank you message from the AJSV give away winner

      *Please click here to read the November Newsletter. 

      Japanese style cake set special from "Cake By Ayaka"

      Who would have thought of getting to taste Japanese-style cakes in Melbourne? Sure you can from Melbourne based “Cake By Ayaka”, bringing you flavoursome cakes as if you were in a stylish café in Japan! More information and delivery details, please click here

      AJSV has arranged an exclusive offer for our members. Mention you are an AJSV member when you order the set and you will receive a gorgeous raisin butter “sando” (rum raisin in butter cream between crispy biscuits) for free! Enjoy delicious cakes and happy sweet memories!  Contact: 0401230762

      My Cha Japanese Tea- ongoing 15% off discount! 

      After such a great response from last month, MY CHA has kindly offered us an ongoing members discount.  You can keep exploring beautiful matcha powder, sencha, hoji-cha, genmaicha, kukicha and more by clicking HERE.

      Enjoy browsing all of MY CHA’s amazing products, including a growing range of superb organic teas and benifuuki ( MY CHA’s new hay fever/allergy - immunity building matcha powder) 

      Simply insert the discount code ajsv15 upon checkout at the MY CHA website, for 15 % off your order. (*pottery range is not included due to limited stocks) 

      Spring Konshinkai report

      We had a great turn out for the Spring Konshinkai, with a lot of new guests and familiar faces. Taking a different tack we held a quiz with a mix of trivia classics, all things Japan - Australia and some slightly more obscure questions.

      While the room showed an impressive pool of trivia whizzes, the leaderboard changed on nearly every question with the winner undecided until the very final round. If you’re keen to test your trivia muscles, here’s the question that decided the winner:

      Founded in 578 AD, Kongō Gumi is Japan’s oldest company. What do they do?

      1.Sweet making
      2.Incense making

      Curious about the answer? See below

      Special thanks goes to Natalia, Okamoto san and Simone for their help running the evening. Also a big thank you to Narim for providing the quiz prize (https://narim.net/).

      We’re busy planning the next Konshinkai, so keep a look out and come along!

      Answer: Construction (temples)

    1. 09 Oct 2020 11:00 AM | Contact Us (Administrator)


      Membership Promotions

      AJSV News

      What's On

      1. Sakura Picnic 2020 Online

      2. Online Fuma Ninja Training experience from Odawara

      3. The Chef's and Food Lover's Guide to Japan

      4. Create your own teamLab at home

      5. Shokupan owe: How to make Japanese milk bread

      Extra Articles

      • Lift up your spirit: Buddha's saying #7 

      • Cultural Comparison of Japanese Schools by Richard Young

      *Please click here  to read the October Newsletter. 

      MY CHA Japanese Tea- 25% discount! 

      25% off the whole of tea range and all tea making accessories from MY CHA

      “Five generations of Tea Growers, Processors and Merchants are the backbone of MYCHA.  It is our honour, indeed great happiness, to present for your enjoyment and satisfaction the worlds’ finest Green Tea , the way it was always meant to be. Perfect.”

      Great news for AJSV Japanese tea lovers!  You can explore beautiful matcha powder, sencha, hoji-cha, genmaicha, kukicha and more by clicking HERE.

      You will also receive a 5gm sample tea sachet for any of the 4 most popular leaf teas not included in your purchase. This way you get to try out more of the MY CHA range! Shipping is free with orders over $49.00 (Express Post as standard) 

      Enjoy browsing all of MY CHA’s amazing products, including a growing range of superb organic teas and benifuuki ( MY CHA’s new hay fever/allergy - immunity building matcha powder) 

      Simply insert the discount code ajsvoct upon checkout at the MY CHA website, for 25 % off your order. (*pottery range is not included due to limited stocks) Offer valid until the 31st of October 2020

      Spring Konshinkai 

      Date and Time: Thursday 15th October, 8 pm  Online 

      Spring is finally here and what better way to celebrate than to join us at the AJSV for some casual cross border networking.

      We welcome members and non-members, please also join from overseas and interstates.

      We usually allocate people into a small group and rotate hence it's a great networking opportunity even though it's an online format.

      While we’re aiming to keep this one casual, we’ll also be running a quiz for anyone who wants to exercise their trivia muscles.

      We look forward to sharing a great night! 

      Register here 

      Sake Social Online Konshinkai report

      Earlier last month, AJSV members and guests had the pleasure of attending a sake social online event run by Simone Maynard and Melissa Mills. With an undeniable chemistry, Simone and Melissa took us through the history, production and types of sake before guiding us through the tasting of two great examples from Fukushima

      Brewery Niida Honke:

      ·         Kinpou Odayaka"Fat Frog" Junmai Ginjo

      ·         Shizenshu Kan Atsurae Junmai

      Following the session, Simone and Melissa treated us to a behind the scenes conversation on the newest developments in the field and some of the more exciting sake to look out for.

      Special thanks to Simone and Melissa for a really fun event and to everyone who joined us from across Victoria and Japan.

    2. 18 Sep 2020 11:00 AM | Contact Us (Administrator)


      Membership Promotions

      AJSV News

      What's On

      1. Japanese Noh Theatre at Odawara Castle : Aoi no Ue

      2. Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia will premiere online

      3. Tokyo National Museum's online exhibition

      4. Free Japanese learning materials

      5. See all Japan's 47 prefectures in 130 seconds 

      Extra Articles

      Special Sake & Yakiniku set with an extra wagyu beef pack for members until the end of September! 

      Thanks to Sakemate and Ichikuro restaurant,  you can enjoy Yakiniku at home with tasty sake! 

      $150 including

      •Yakiniku set for 3-4 people

      •500ml x 3 types Junmai Sake

      •Delivery fee (up to 20km radius from Ichikuro, Blackburn)

      $20 delivery fee incurred for addresses more than 20km radius from Ichikuro.

      *AJSV members receive a 200g “Gyu suji nikomi” (slow cooked Wagyu beef)pack! Please mention that you are a “AJSV member” when you order.

      This special offer is valid until the 30th of September 2020.  

      Sake Social Online Konshinkai

      Date and Time: Thursday 10 September 8:00 pm- 

      AJSV Virtual Business Briefing report

      In August we hosted the first edition of our AJSV Virtual Business Briefing Series with a session on remote working across Australian and Japanese cultures.

      Guest speakers Melanie Brock (Managing Director of Melanie Brock Advisory and Board Member of the AJBCC) and Craig Keary (Managing Director - Asia Pacific Region of AMP Capital and Board Member of the AJBCC) shared their expert insights on how to navigate the intricacies of doing business across Australia and Japan even whilst working remotely.

      The session focused on building business relationships across cultures without the pleasure of meeting face-to-face, maintaining professionalism when working from home and how to manage personal wellbeing whilst also looking out for your peers during this period of uncertainty. Attendees were also able to participate through interactive viewer polls and the Q&A session.

      AJSV would like to thank our guest speakers and all who attended the event. 

      Please check the AJSV website for updates on our upcoming business briefings covering the economic recovery of Australia and Japan in the wake of COVID-19 and the Australia-Japan collaboration in space exploration.

      1. Japanese Noh Theatre at Odawara Castle: Aoi no Ue

      The Noh program is titled as "Aoi no Ue", which is based on the book "Aoi no Maki" in the "Tale of Genji". The performance will feature Kanze-style Shite-kata (the main role) played by Kanze Yoshimasa, a famous Noh actor who appears in many Noh performances worldwide. His stunning video performance filmed at Odawara Castle will be streamed simultaneously worldwide. Before and after the Noh program, Odawara's local Japanese drum performance "Hojo Daiko" and the ninja show "FUMA NINJA Legend of ODAWARA", which was well-received at the performances in overseas last year, will showcase to make the event even more exciting. An English guide will also be given to participants. 

      READ MORE 

      2. Short Shorts Film Fetvial and Asia will premiere online

      Hosted in Tokyo since 1999, this is the first time the festival will offer online viewing, as well as live-streamed events. The festival will show over 200 short films from 112 countries and regions by both up-and-coming and established directors. Even better, the majority of the films are free to watch and have English subtitles.  After coronavirus delays, the largest international short film festival in Japan will begin September 16

      3. Tokyo National Museum's online exhibition 

      Established in 1872, the Tokyo National Museum is Japan's oldest national museum and boasts an extensive collection of historical artifacts from the country as well as other parts of Asia. In this online exhibition, you'll be able to examine over 100 precious items including sculptures, ceramics and textiles with detailed descriptions of the stories they depict. One particularly intriguing part of the online catalogue is the 16th-century painting 'Maple Viewers' by Kano Hideyori, where you can see a lively scene of priests, warriors and young children enjoying the autumn leaves of Kiyotaki river by Mount Takao in Kyoto.

      4. Free Japanese learning materials

      NNK World on demand has great free learning videos for fun and easy Japanese.

      Easy Japanese : You can fast track your language learning with these simple expressions. Plus handy travel tips and easy kanji.

      Easy Japanese for Work : You can accelerate your Japanese language skills by learning practical, effective workplace expressions, understanding business culture and improve your kanji.

      5. See Japan's 47 prefectures in 130 seconds 

      Travel to Japan is still impossible, but at least there’s plenty of Japanese Netflix, travel research and online events to help bring Japan to you anywhere in the world.

      To really rev up the anticipation, the Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) has released a new promotional video highlighting the beauty of Japan’s 47 prefectures, following up on the recent ‘Hope Lights The Way’ video.

      Lift up your spirit: Buddha's saying #6

      “Think not lightly of good, saying, ‘It will not come to me.’ Drop by drop is the water pot filled. Likewise, the wise man, gathering it little by little, fills himself with good.”

      You can achieve greatness by taking little baby steps. Just like filling a jug, putting one drop of water into the jug may seem insignificant, but if you consistently fill the jug with even just one drop of water, the jug will become full eventually. Nothing great will come at once. Taking every little step counts.

      Easy Peasy Japanesey! 

      #13 Yaki daikon

      Ingredients (for 2 people)

      250g    daikon (white radish)

      ½ tbs   cooking sake

      ½ tbs   mirin     

      ½ tbs   soy sauce

      Chopped spring onions to garnish


      1.    Peel a skin of daikon and cut into 1cm-1.5cm. Make a shallow cut in a cross pattern on one end.
      2.    Place them a microwavable dish and use a glad wrap to cover (not too tight), microwave about 3 minutes
      3.    Heat a little oil in a frying pan and fry in low to medium heat for about 2 minutes each side until golden brown
      4.    Pour sake, mirin and soy sauce and garnish with spring onions

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