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    2. Kanpai Now! The Tastes of Japan Free tasting of selected Japanese sake

    3. Japanese Vintage Market

    4. Make a Christmas Tree Using Japanese Techniques

    5. Exhibition: Golden Shells and the Gentle Mastery of Japanese Lacquer at NGV

    Extra Articles

    • December in INREKI: "Shiwasu"

    • Seeking symbols: Treasured animals in Japan

    *Please click here to read the December Newsletter. 

    Sweet Christmas! - Japanese style cake set & Christmas cookie gift box special from "Cake By Ayaka"

    There is no time like Christmas for enjoying beautiful and flavoursome sweets with your family and friends! You can now order Ayaka’s gorgeous cakes online! https://cakebyayaka.com.au/

    “My passion for cake making also inspires me to create new flavours and new designs. This is why I change the menu regularly and come up with at least two new flavours every month. I also believe in using ingredients that are in season at different times of the year this helps me to make better tasting cakes. These seasonal flavours brings out the best in my cakes and its this focus on taste that makes my cakes unique, this also keeps my customers interested and coming back for more!!”

    AJSV has arranged an exclusive Christmas special offer for our members. Mention you are an AJSV member when you order and you will receive a “raspberry jam butter sando“ for free! This sando is included in their Christmas cookie gift box to make your Christmas shopping easy! Enjoy delicious sweets during the festive season and happy sweet memories!

    Onsite Konshinkai report

    AJSV onsite Konshinkai was held on 24 November. With over 40 people in attendance, it was a great night.

    We all enjoyed this long awaited in-person Konshinkai event. After being through the lengthy lockdown, everyone was delighted to catch up with both familiar faces and new.

    The venue (The Bank on Collins) was also great and spacious creating a fantastic atmosphere. It was an event you wouldn’t want to miss. We hope to see you all next time!

    AJSV Mentoring Program update 

    On Wednesday 13 October, AJSV launched the 2021 AJSV Mentoring Program through an online event. The event was a success and included open remarks from Saito-San, Deputy Consulate General of Japan to Victoria and a panel regarding the role of mentoring in professional development, opportunities for success and lessons learnt with Ross Ciaravolo (AJSV), Izuhara Takero-san (ST Solutions Australia - SoftBank) and Eleanor Gray (State Street Trust Bank, Fukuoka). Each specialist provided insight into the role that mentoring has played in their professional development and network building, including questions from the audience about best practice. The panelists provided these top tips to get the most out the program.

    • Ross - understanding. Including of yourself. Things that you may find to be objective truths, are subject to other perspectives/interpretations. A lot of the times your initial impressions change as you understand more. Also reduce apprehension about challenges that people face when building a career. Important to build yourself; hard to do on Zoom. We all look a bit different on screen to real life; we are human beings, and not always as authentic on screen. Mentoring is a natural human behaviour to help get you through life. Goes back to prehistoric times. Big part of Australian first nation peoples, Eastern culture - China Japan India, Western culture going back to Ancient Greeks. If you don't be natural during mentoring session, won't get good outcome.
    • Izuhara - communication is very important. Understand who you are. Set goal of what you want to achieve during this program together; want to keep in touch with mentee after the program.
    • Eleanor - knowledge beneficial for mentor as well. Be as honest as possible. Have goals and a vision for what you as mentee want to gain in the relationship. e.g. finding job in Japan.

    This was followed by information regarding the AJSV Mentoring Program and next steps for those in attendance. A total of 28 (attendee list pending) people attended, including representatives from the 2021 cohort, AJS NSW and ACT, Melbourne University Japanese Club, contacts of the Japanese Consulate and wider AJSV Members. The event was not recorded, however a summary doc was provided to the cohort. The partnerships have been allocated already and this program will conclude in mid December.

    Annual Kyoto Writing Competition

    AJSV is pleased to support Australian writers to enter Writers in Kyoto's Seventh Annual Kyoto Writing Competition. If you love writing, it's a great opportunity to work on your Kyoto piece and win a great prize!

    • Theme: Kyoto (English language submissions only)

    • Deadline: March 31st, 2022 (23:59 JST)

    • Genre: Short Shorts (unpublished material only)

    • Word Limit: 300 Words (to fit on a single page)

    • Form: Short poems, character studies, essays, travel tips, whimsy, haiku sequence, haibun, wordplays, dialogue, experimental verse, etc. In short, anything that helps show the spirit of place in a fresh light. A clear connection to Kyoto is essential.

    Learn More 

  • 08 Nov 2021 11:00 AM | Contact Us (Administrator)


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    AJSV News

    What's On

    1. Shakuhachi Syrinx

    2. Structures of Kyoto: Writers in Kyoto Anthology

    3. Ink Painting Workshop: Sumi-e

    4. New luxury sightseeing train in Japan to look forward to!

    5. "Mottainai!" - Zero Waste Life

    Extra Articles

    • November in INREKI:"Shimotsuki"

    • Seeking symbols: Treasured animals in Japan

    *Please click here to read the November Newsletter. 

    Enjoy 15% off Traditional Japanese Kokeshi Dolls & Designer Homewares at Kikiva Design!

    Kikiva Design is Australia's home of designer homewares, specialising in decorative objects including kokeshi dolls direct from Japan by Usaburo Kokeshi.

    Launched this year, Kikiva Design is passionate about design and bringing unique brands from around the world to Australia. The range of products carried has been carefully curated based on the principles of design, functionality, sustainability and fair-trade practices.

    Kikiva Design has offered 15% off to AJSV members, their families and friends! Simply enter promo code 'AJSV' at checkout for discount to be applied and orders over $99 will also receive free shipping Australia wide. This offer applies to all full price items and is valid till the 31st December 2021. Your Christmas Shopping Sorted!

    *To be the 1st to know of new arrivals follow Kikiva Design on Instagram @kikivadesign

    Online Konshinkai report

    Another great turnout for our online Konshinkai. With six rooms of conversations going on we had several newcomers as well as a lot of familiar faces. A special shout out goes to all of the people who continue to call in from Japan and from across Australia to share fresh perspectives. Even better it was great to hear that people are slowly being able to travel again be it via the JET program, for work and soon (hopefully) just for fun!

    We will hold an in person event in early December so keep a look out for the details in the coming weeks.

    AJSV Business Briefing - Solar innovation and sustainability in the global supply chain

    Register Now  

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    What's On

    1. The World of Mizuhiki

    2. Kintsugi live streaming workshop at home

    3. Traditional Meanings of Colours in Japanese Culture

    4. Language exchange free event at “Ohanasi-Kagawa”

    5. Surprising things you can make in a rice cooker

    Extra Articles

    • October in INREKI:"Kannazuki"

    • Seeking symbols: Treasured animals in Japan

    *Please click here to read the October Newsletter. 

    Quality Japanese food products to you at home: Jimoto Foods offering 15% off! 

    Jimoto Foods is an Australian company working with the finest artisan producers in Japan and primo local Australian farmers to create a range of artisanal pantry items that celebrate the delights of Japan.

    “Our goal? To elevate your home cooking with the versatility, simplicity and unique flavours of Japan. Whether you marinate, drizzle, or dip into our sauces, Jimoto Foods will unconventionally wake up any dish.”

    All sauces, dressings and marinades are handmade, offering you an authentic experience, that is affordable.

    Enjoy browsing their range of high quality products, and insert the discount code "AJSV" upon checkout on their website for a 15 % off your entire order.

    * Offer valid until the 15th of October 2021.

    Sakura viewing:  Banksia Park Cherry Grove

    Spring has come and that means Sakura time!

    In February 1980 the Japanese Government donated 100 flowering cherry trees to the people of Victoria to mark the visit of the Japanese Prime Minister Mr Masayoshi Ohira. Having fought disease, drought and relocation in their 40-year life, the trees are now being maintained and cared for by a dedicated group of volunteers, The Cherry Friends and Parks Victoria rangers.

    Since 2018, the Cherry Friends has hosted a visiting arborist from Japan to conduct a pruning masterclass with Parks Victoria rangers and volunteers. This labour of love is celebrated at our annual ‘Sakura’ (cherry blossom) Picnic Day.

    The Sakura Picnic Day in Banksia Park has been supported by AJSV and the Japanese Society of Melbourne since 2015, to celebrate spring and promote the multi-cultural face of Melbourne. Unfortunately, there is no event happening this year due to public health measures but that hasn’t stopped the trees from blooming. BYO picnic and go visit Banksia Park if possible to view beautiful cherry trees this month! ( *Please check with the park the best blooming time. )

    2022 Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Programme

    The JET Programme aims to promote mutual understanding between Japan and other nations, foster international exchange at the local level and enhance foreign language education in Japan

    Information Sessions

    Saturday 2 October 2021, 12-1pm/ Monday 4 October 2021, 12-1pm/ Wednesday 6 October 2021, 5-6pm

    Friday 8 October 2021, 12-1pm/ Sunday 10 October 2021, 12-1pm/ Tuesday 12 October, 5-6pm

    Registration essential. Please send your full name and email address to meljapan@mb.mofa.go.jp, indicating your preferred session.

    Read More 

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    AJSV News

    What's On

    1. Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

    2. Share Your Japan Competition

    3. Nine delicious ways to use miso in your cooking

    4. Drainspotters 

    5. Kimono Project- every nation at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

    Extra Articles

    • September in INREKI:"Nagatsuki"

    • Seeking symbols: Treasured animals in Japan

    *Please click here to read the September Newsletter. 

    Locally crafted Tsumami Zaiku: Sanae Floral Craft offering 20% off! 

    Tsumami Zaiku is a traditional Japanese craft made from small, square-cut pieces of “Chirimen” (Japanese silk crepe) that is pinched and folded with tweezers. Its origin dates back to the Edo period and it is still used for accessories, such as hair pins.

    Artist Sanae was trained in the traditional craft of Tsumami Zaiku by her Grandmother. Now based in Canberra, Sanae creates many beautiful items such as earrings, brooches and hair accessories. More information can be found at Sanae Floral Craft

    New, finely crafted designs are being created and added weekly - Sanae can also create items made-to-order. Please look over Sanae's selection of high-quality items - and insert the discount code AJSV20 upon checkout for 20% off your entire order. Currently, there is also free postage on all orders within Australia. (This discount and free postage offer only valid within Australia)

    Offer valid until the 30th of September 2021.

    Spring Konshinkai

    Thanks to everyone who attended the online Spring Konshinkai, it was great to see both new and familiar faces. Rotating through the rooms it was great to see people coming together, sharing some light hearted banter and talking about all things topical.

    While the Olympics quiz was fiercely contested it was a tonne of fun and in the end Timmy Tam prevailed for his second win this year. Look out for the next Konshikai in early October and we look forward to seeing you there.

    For those with a trivia itch:

    Question: What was Melbourne’s original name? (answer below)




    Answer: Batmania

    eCommerce in Japan program

    Join a comprehensive online eCommerce training program, designed to support and equip Victorian exporters to reach online shoppers and navigate Japanese eCommerce platforms.

    The eCommerce in Japan program will assist you to operate effectively on Japanese eCommerce platforms, building critical knowledge and skills to facilitate export outcomes.

    • Enhance your understanding of Japanese business capabilities, building critical knowledge and skills to facilitate export outcomes.

    • Broaden your existing market entry strategy for Japan and develop and refine your focus on eCommerce.

    • Access new opportunities in one of the world’s largest eCommerce markets

    • Gain the latest insights and trends on consumer preferences and the Japanese business environment.

    This program is developed and delivered by Asialink Business in partnership with the Victorian Government through Global Victoria.

    Program Dates: Thursday 7 October 2021 – Thursday 28 October 2021

    Registrations close: Wednesday 6 October 2021

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    AJSV News

    What's On

    1. Japan in a Minute Online Video Contest

    2. Japan Close to you: Virtual Marathon

    3. The Melbourne International Film Festival

    4. Memories of Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games

    5. Travel Ready Japanese Lessons

    Extra Articles

    • August in INREKI:"Hazuki"

    • Seeking symbols: Treasured animals in Japan

    *Please click here to read the August Newsletter. 

    Japanese style cake set special from "Cake By Ayaka" 

    Missing Japan? How about comforting yourself with Japanese-style cakes? Sure you can from Melbourne based “Cake By Ayaka”, bringing you flavoursome cakes as if you were in a stylish café in Japan! More information and delivery details, please click HERE

    AJSV has arranged an exclusive offer for our members again thanks to Ayaka. Mention you are an AJSV member when you order the set and you will receive a gorgeous raisin butter “sando” (rum raisin in butter cream between crispy biscuits) for free! Enjoy delicious cakes and happy sweet memories!

    Meet our new corporate members

    AJSV would like to welcome our new corporate members joined in 2021.

    • SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre
    • Marubeni Itochu Steel Oceania Pty Ltd
    • Industrial Growth Platform Inc. Australia
    • Australian Institute of International Understanding

    Please share with us in welcoming these new organisation members to AJSV and we look forward to sharing our events and programs with all of you.

    As always, please get in touch with our office if you are an AJSV member and wish to be introduced to fellow AJSV members relevant to your network.

    APCC (Asia-Pacific Children’s Convention) Bridge (Virtual) Summer Camp 2021 update 

    Due to the restrictions currently in place around the world – APCC is going virtual this year so that children who would have been eligible to apply for APCC in Fukuoka this year have the opportunity to participate in a specially designed program sharing both with Japanese children as well as children from the Asia Pacific region and wider including Peru, Bordeaux and maybe even Kyrgyzstan. The program will be run over 7 sessions with 5 sessions being shared with children all over the world.

    It was great to have such keen interest in this different program and we received a number of high quality applications. It was difficult to short-list and after interviews with each applicant, we congratulate the 12 successful children (6 girls and 6 boys) as junior ambassadors for 2021. The children will be participating in an online camp from August to November with 5 Saturday evening sessions. The theme of this year's program is the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which the children will explore, learn about and work on a task together that benefits their communities. They will also be preparing a joint 'performance' that will be shared on line after the program is completed.

    We hope they will enjoy interacting and exchanging with children with Multi-Cultural backgrounds to experience many cultures around the world.

    We are certain that they will foster friendship with children from many countries/regions. Most of all, we hope they will have a fun time together and share wonderful memories!

  • 06 Jul 2021 11:55 AM | Contact Us (Administrator)

    Asia is reshaping the modern world. Yet its rich artistic heritage and vibrant New Music scene is largely unknown in Australia. Forest Collective’s Ali Fyffe has curated a stunning program that brings into focus some of the region’s most powerful compositional voices, from Myanmar to Japan, China to Iran.

    Navigating Eastern and Western traditions, new technologies and challenges including state censorship, these exciting composers have found unique and original musical voices. With a program including Ravi Shankar’s raga imbued Sonata for Harp and Cello, Takemitsu’s transcendental quintet Rain Spell and Luo Zhongrong’s post-Cultural Revolution pentatonic serialism, Asia in Focus will open your ears to a region that is changing the world. For more information, please visit; https://www.forestcollective.com.au/projects/asia

    *A special discount of 50% to AJSV members by using the promotional code- SPECIAL241 when booking tickets. Tickets can be purchased here.

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    What's On

    1. Advancing Japan-Australia Knowledge Exchange in the 21st century
    2. Kokedamas Workshop
    3. Online Exhibition: Returning - Chapter 1
    4. Explore Japan: language, food and travel online event
    5. Trails to Oishii Tokyo

    Extra Articles

    •  June in INREKI:"Minazuki"

    • Seeking symbols: Treasured animals in Japan

    *Please click here to read the June Newsletter. 

    MY CHA Japanese Tea-15% off

    15% off the whole of tea range and all tea making accessories from MY CHA!

    MY CHA has kindly offered us an ongoing members discount. You can keep exploring beautiful matcha powder, sencha, hoji-cha, genmaicha, kukicha and more by clicking HERE.

    Enjoy browsing all of MY CHA’s amazing products, including a growing range of superb organic teas and benifuuki ( MY CHA’s new hay fever/allergy - immunity building matcha powder)

    Simply insert the discount code ajsv15 upon checkout at the MY CHA website, for 15 % off your order. (*pottery range is not included due to limited stocks)

    EY Webinar- Keeping abreast of changing tax laws & incentives and Managing your interaction with the ATO

    One of our valued members, EY is holing a Webinar

    Tax laws and incentives are changing rapidly in Australia. Governments have introduced measures to support the economy as well as to repair their budgets. Recently, NSW announced a bold plan to reform its stamp duty and property tax, while the Victorian government just last week announced measures that would increase stamp duty and payroll taxes. In order to help you navigate in these uncertain times, EY is pleased to invite you to a webinar where our Australian income tax, stamp duty and tax controversy experts discuss how to comply with evolving tax laws and manage your interactions with the Australian Taxation Office.

    In this Webinar, we will provide a recap of the 2021/22 Federal budget and share some practical observations (that would be useful for businesses) once the dust has settled on the Federal Budget. We will provide an overview of the Federal Opposition’s Budget principles to allow us to understand how tax laws may change in the future if there is a change in Government at the next election. Our stamp duty experts will provide an overview of the local state budgets that have been handed down including commentary on the proposed shift to a “property tax” in New South Wales, details of which are currently expected to be released in the June Budget. Finally, our tax controversy team will provide details of the current audit efforts by the Australian Taxation Office and what needs to be done to prepare for an audit.

    Date and Time: Tuesday 29 June 2021 4pm – 5:15pm

    Language: Japanese/English with simultaneous interpretation

    This event will be held on site at the EY Sydney office and simultaneously streamed via webinar. If you would like to attend the seminar in Sydney, please contact : ey.jbs@au.ey.com


  • 10 May 2021 11:00 AM | Contact Us (Administrator)


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    What's On

    1. Oto no Wa concert

    2. Mayflies and Stars by Kyoko Imazu

    3. The new Tokyo cafe with robot waiters controlled remotely

    4. "Bamboo Five" performed by The Faraway Trio

    5. Dashi Journey short film - the origins of Japanese dashi

    Extra Articles

    • May in INREKI:"Satsuki "

    • Seeking symbols: Treasured animals in Japan

    *Please click here to read the May Newsletter. 

    First Love movie 10 double passes giveaway

    Releasing 27th May in Australia! 

    Discovering he has an inoperable brain tumour, orphaned boxer Leo decides to go for broke. When he meets Yuri (also known as Monica), a young addict who’s been driven into sex work to pay off her inherited debts, he falls head over heels and, with nothing left to lose, decides to help her out. This being Miike, that can only lead to trouble … of the most deliriously deranged and hilariously OTT kind.

    *To be in the draw to win a double pass, please send your full name to Events by email with "First Love" as subject.

    Entries close at 12 pm, Tuesday 18th May 2021. Winner will be contacted by AJSV on the same day.

    Autumn Konshinkai

    Thanks to everyone with a great turnout at our last Konshinkai where we filled Robot Bar to its COVID approved capacity. As the second in person event for the year, it was great to see just how many people have decided to connect via AJSV, the diversity of their backgrounds and genuine interest in making new connections with others interested in the Australia-Japan relationship.

    For our next Konshinkai, we’re taking things back online but are planning several more in person events this years so keep posted!



    The 57th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Australia Japan Society of Victoria Inc was held virtually (phone & video options) on Monday 12th April at 5.30pm.

    Read More 

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    What's On

    1. Hanko Japanese Seal Carving Workshop

    2. Paint and Sip Class: Cherry Blossoms

    3. Melbourne International Comedy Festival- Takashi Wakasugi Farm Backpacker

    4. Wagashi lovers- exploring a sweet journey with MinneSweets

    5. Hanami at home with soothing cherry blossom videos

    Extra Articles

    • April in INREKI:"Uzuki "

    • Seeking symbols: Treasured animals in Japan

    *Please click here to read the April Newsletter. 

    Kami Paper-10% discount code

    Kami Paper says, “Paper has always had an intimate relationship with people. For those who enjoy this medium, Kami is a treasure trove full of exquisite paper, hand-bound albums, journals, notebooks, unique gift cards, and fine Italian stationery sourced from around the world."

    The majority of their paper products are sourced from Fair Trade companies in Nepal and from Japanese family run artisans creating traditionally designed Japanese papers. The Nepalese papers are made from the Lokta bush which is trimmed and continues to grow therefore not using any trees in the manufacture.

    At Kami Paper, you can explore so many beautiful products. AJSV members will receive a 10% discount for all of their papers!

    All you have to do is to type in the code : "AJSV" at checkout to have your discount applied to your order.

    April Konshinkai

    Date and Time: Thursday 15 April 5:30 pm- 9 pm

    Venue: Robot Bar (upstairs), 12 Bligh Place, Melbourne

    That’s right folks, we’re making the most of the warm weather and getting together for another Konshinkai!

    AJSV Members & Non-Members Welcome

    Attendance is free with drinks available for purchase from the bar

    Read More 

    AJSV Annual General Meeting

    The 57th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Australia Japan Society of Victoria Inc

    Monday 12th April 2021 – 5.30pm (to be held virtually)

    The 57th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Australia Japan Society of Victoria Inc will be held virtually (phone & video options) at 5.30pm.

    Read More 

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    AJSV News

    What's On

    1. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train - In Cinemas now!

    2. Matcha-making workshop

    3. Read Japan: A Booklover’s Guide to Japanese Literature in Translation, 1960 – Now
    4. Japanese Kabuki Theatre Paper Sculptures display
    5. Virtual tours of rural Japan

    Extra Articles

    • March in INREKI:"YAYOI"

    • Seeking symbols: Treasured animals in Japan

    *Please click here to read the March Newsletter. 

    Japanese style cake set special from "Cake By Ayaka"

    Who would have thought of getting to taste Japanese-style cakes in Melbourne? Sure you can from Melbourne based “Cake By Ayaka”, bringing you flavoursome cakes as if you were in a stylish café in Japan! More information and delivery details, please click HERE

    AJSV has arranged an exclusive offer for our members again thanks to Ayaka. Mention you are an AJSV member when you order the set and you will receive a gorgeous chocolate raisin butter “sando” (rum raisin in chocolate butter cream between crispy biscuits) for free! Enjoy delicious cakes and happy sweet memories!

    Contact:0401230762, or via Instagram

    The National Federation of Australia Japan Societies

    The National Federation of Australia Japan Societies is the national body representing all the Australia Japan Societies around Australia.

    These Australia Japan Societies are voluntary organisations that have devoted themselves to maintaining and developing the wonderful relationship we enjoy with Japan. These Societies around Australia have as their members, representatives from all parts of the community.

    The inauguration of The National Federation of Australia-Japan Societies Incorporated marks a new milestone in the development of the Australia-Japan movement in this country. AJSV is proud to be part of NFAJS. You can also subscribe their newsletter from here.

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